How did THIS happen?

What’s all this about being an adult?!

Independence? Alcohol? YESSSSS.


… student loans …

What happened to naps, finger painting, movie pillow forts, and eating a damn corndog without heartburn?

Who decided I was allowed to be on my own, and be responsible for myself? I’ve consistently proven I’m not to be trusted, especially when Oreos or wine is concerned (but neither is anyone else, so let’s be honest here).

What happened to my family, my friendships, my unbroken heart?

Well, fine. If this is the way it has to be, maybe I’ll just throw a fit and scream NO, fueled by wine, because I’m allowed to do that.

This is an experiment, something that might be a way for me to process developments, life changes, and general experiences that seem to conflict with everything I want or was told I could have. I’ve got a list of topics to delve into, but will always welcome input. I don’t know if it’ll work; it could be total cow chips, but maybe it’ll be gold.


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